Reebok Jukari

A powerful business tool

A powerful business tool

  • Crowd sourcing
  • Social marketing
  • Business intelligence

When Reebok and Cirque du Soleil® came together with a shared vision – to make fitness fun again - they appointed Join the Carnival to help them out. With the business objective to raise global interest about the new acrobatic fitness form called JUKARI, we created a global campaign that connects with the audience through personal stories and social logics.

We planted Polaroid cameras with JUKARI ambassadors that allowed them to create their own photo documentaries. Aggregation of live feeds from global JUKARI mentions connected women around the shared passion for fun fitness. Through an interactive club finder, the audience could influence their local fitness clubs to offer JUKARI. The campaign reached 70 million women worldwide.

The campaign, that reached 70 million women world wide, influenced people to have fun in the gym

Crowd power

To convince local gyms to buy the equipment and license necessary to offer JUKARI, we used the power of the crowd. By creating an interactive club finder where people could pin their interest based on where they live, we created a powerful business tool for Reebok to identify local market potentials in real time.