Kökollen - More clubbing, less queuing

More clubbing, less queuing

More clubbing, less queuing

  • iBeacon
  • Social
  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Experiment

Kö-Kollen is a social experiment where the individual’s needs and willingness to collaborate is studied. Queueing is a required, but not appreciated task, among Stockholm clubbers. We developed a utility that helps people to track the current queueing time at the most popular clubs in Stockholm. The goal was to utilize and evaluate location aware iBeacon technology in open environments.

Our experiment is featured in Estimote Beacons Community Portal. 
Read the article here 

Human antennas

When the users start the app, they become human antennas for all others to rely on. They tell us how many people that are in the queue at the selected club, how long the waiting time is and what gender they are. Choose your queue before you party!