Nackademin - Turning decline into desire

Turning decline into desire

Turning decline into desire

  • Recruitment
  • Branded entertainment
  • Youth marketing
  • Cross media

Nackademin, one of Sweden’s largest post-graduate schools, needed a powerful enrollment campaign to promote their IT programs. With IT and programming courses seeing a decline in interest & applicants the campaign needed to inspire young adults to understand the amazing opportunities that comes with graduation within this field.

Join the Carnival was appointed to make this happen. We created a celebration of great problem solving that surrounds us in everyday life - ranging from IBM’s “Watson” project to a group of digital guerrilla artists in Berlin. Nackademin obtained an all time high with a 63% increase in applications. All classes were filled.

Flirting with
the problem solver

In places where there is natural room for “killing time” we challenged the audience with mind games and clues.