Santa Maria Communication strategy

Becoming a social business

Becoming a social business

  • Communication strategy
  • Marketing efficiency
  • Transformation

In a world where consumers are well informed through communication models based on many-to-many relationships rather than one-way push messaging - the traditional marketing model has become obsolete. To secure that Santa Maria retain its position as market leader their marketing model needs to alight with behaviors of the modern consumer.

Join the Carnival created a communication strategy that meets the wants and needs of the connected consumer. This is the guide to how the company must transform and operate in marketing to stay ahead of the game, now and in the future. Balancing consumer perception with internal performance.

Data driven insights

local markets

To make sure the new way of working is understood across the organization we toured the local markets. The purpose was to make sure that Santa Maria employees understand objectives, governance structures, workflows and processes for how to integrate digital and social into the business.