Verisure - Building employer relationships with youth

Connecting with youth

Connecting with youth

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For brands to gain the trust and attention of young adults - brand suspicious & heavy influenced by social media - takes great knowledge and skill. Verisure, Sweden’s leading home security company, assigned Join the Carnival to help them do just that. With aim to recruit young talent to the company we constructed a marketing model where emotional, entertaining, informational and tactical triggers created relevance with youth culture. The result was a 700% increase in job applications!

L.A. film shoot directed from a Sthlm sofa

At Join the Carnival we always look for the best solution. Luckily we have an established international network of partners that can assist us in delivering that extra bang for the buck. For Verisure, we found a character in L.A. that needed to be filmed within a couple of days. The solution became a film production that was directed remotely from Stockholm via web cam while being shoot in a studio in L.A. Edited over night and wired the next morning.