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Change management, talent development and consulting in the field of digital

Run, make a leap or take the plunge

Working years across companies, industries, cultures, silicon valley startup-eco systems and academia has taught us effective value creation no matter the product, business or people.

We offer consulting for your digital agenda, from analysis and validation of new digital business concepts to strategy implementation.

Old habits tend to die hard

We are strong believers that small actions every day outbeats big bang thinking. Simply laid out - culture beats strategy. Years of digital consultancy and executive training of international superbrands means we have many tools and tricks up our sleeves.

As interim coaches we help you navigate the unpredictable, lead change and implement digital strategies. We enable strong teams and partners to reach their full potential. One day at a time.

Get desired results faster

Our history speaks for itself. We increase ROI through cost reduction, increased profits or higher customer life time value. Throughout the value chain we find how we make digital "work for you" in the most efficient way. Let us take care of the pain so you can keep leaning forward and continue do what you do best.

Many businesses face similar challenges. Here are some common questions we hear from our clients, and how we take them on;

Customer needs and expectations has changed. How do we understand them and make the right changes to our value offering?

We provide strategic analysis, develop strategies and business concepts ready for implementation.

Despite sending our co-workers to courses and workshops on digital transformation, our adoption is not showing results fast enough. How do we accelerate this process..?

As interim consultants we help you bridge the gap by providing change management, digital- and tech leadership, operational mentoring, coaching & management training that is closely connected to your current ways of working. We have years of experience developing executive management programs at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm.

Check out how we do coaching and training

How do we find and attract resources that makes this shift happen faster..? Can startup collaborations accelerate our way forward..?

We can help you identify your needs and set current and future requirements for partnerships and resourcing. Furthermore, we assist you in finding and managing startup collaborations globally, that lets you explore future concepts in a safe and organised way.

We are also business advisors and startup coaches at the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator, Founder Institute, founded in Palo Alto, California.

Our way of working serves ONE single purpose - to increase your bottom line result as fast as possible.

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Based in Sweden, work across the globe. Got curious? - let us know what got your attention and we'll reach out to you.

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